Debbie Savoie, Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc.

This company did organizing and staging for one of my clients. This is one of the BEST new finds for me to provide to my clients. This woman and her staff were kind, efficient, organized and had a wonderful “stage” presence in the home. Within less than a week, they organized, decluttered, and packed up everything in a 4000-square foot home. Making it look and shine like it did when it was built.

My reaction to their finished product was emotional to see the level of care they took from the kitchen to the closets to the refrigerator to every little detail throughout the home. I will always highly recommend them. The organizing and staging were top notch…5 Stars! Job well done with a heart!

Colette McKie, M.A., M.Ac., PhD.

Ron and I sincerely thank Florence LaFrance (aka Relocation Whisperer) for her professional expertise, creativity, humor, patience, tenacity and kindness in being our partner to accomplish an almost impossible moving feat.

We sold our home in days with a 4 week closing. One of those weeks was an already planned vacation in the area we hoped to relocate. We were in a panic!

Florence met with us immediately after a BNI meeting then at our house the next day. Florence proposed she immediately find a mover and a climate controlled storage unit near the community we want to relocate. That way we could receive our belongings while there the following week. It seemed like an impossible possibility.

Well, Florence pulled it off! Ernie, the owner of the moving company accompanied our belongings to Florida. He was as caring as a brother to us and our belongings. The storage unit had a flaw but Florence immediately negotiated its repair. We cannot say enough about our Amazing Florence: the Relocation Whisperer. Without her we would still be struggling with logistics and tearing our hair out.

Megan M.

My 19-year-old son is not the neatest person in the world. He procrastinates and everything piles up: in his room, his bathroom floor, and his dirty dishes in the kitchen.

When I met Florence LaFrance from Organizing with Passion, I knew that she’d a perfect fit for my son. She’s easy to talk to, easy to work with, and very relatable. She spoke with him on the phone, and finally got to meet him before we started. He really liked her and brought up with me that he’d like to work with her to make his room better.

Armed with this news, I hired her right away. In just a few visits, she was able to chat with him, get him to have a different perspective on a few things, and they got along really well. He remarked after she left that he was glad that she’d worked with him.

I really enjoyed working with Florence. Thanks to her, my son’s organization lasted for a couple of weeks! (You know how 19-year-olds are!) The value that she offers, the work and effort that she puts into her business, and the obvious love for her clients and their happiness, is very evident with every client with whom she works.

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