What is Home Staging?

Home Staging is strategic, visual marketing used by seller’s agents to maximize buyer appeal, eliminate buyer price negotiations and create a buying frenzy for your home. Staging reflects an image of high maintenance and care and gives the impression that the homeowner loves their home. The staging process begins at the curb, the prospective buyer’s first (and welcoming) impression of the home.

Organizing With Passion assists realtors in marketing a lifestyle that appeals to the prospective homebuyer. It will create a potential environment where homebuyers can see themselves living. So, the true objective is to make your home stand out from the crowd and focus on the best use of space. Organizing/Decluttering often complements the home staging process, by creating space and unencumbered flow throughout the home.

Often selling time depends on market trends, location, realtor marketing efforts, the eagerness of buyers, and willingness of the seller to negotiate or accept a lower price. Depending on the seller’s eagerness for bids, the seller’s agent may continue adjusting the price until the home appeals to a buyer only from a financial perspective.

Benefits of Home Staging:

  • Eliminates negative preconceived notions from prospective buyers

  • Your home spends significantly less time on the market

  • Your home looks better in print and Internet ads – creates more foot traffic

  • Your home is regarded by buyers as well-maintained and move-in ready

  • Makes your home stand out from the crowd

  • Could create a buyer frenzy

Service offerings:

  • Comprehensive overview of your home for aesthetics, functionality and mechanics (identify trouble areas needing change/repair inside and outside), complete with checklist and narrative recommendations

  • Assistance with contractor selection and negotiations for pricing and quality

  • Full-home organizing and reduction of visual clutter, everywhere potential purchasers might look

  • Packing of unnecessary household items for storage

  • Vetting of storage facilities for temporary placement of household goods

  • Removal and hauling of unwanted items for trash and charity

Why accept less than your home is worth, when you can invest in home staging?

Why Should You Hire a Home Stager?

According to the Real Estate Staging Association, a staged home:

  • Spends just one-quarter the time on the market as a non-staged home
  • Looks better in print and Internet ads (which brings in more prospective buyers)
  • Receive more foot traffic
  • Are regarded by buyers as “well maintained” and “move-in” ready

Sellers who choose not to stage, place themselves at the mercy of the market through lower bids, frequent price reductions, or may eventually cause the home to be taken off the market due to buyers’ lack of interest.

What Can Staging Do For My Home?

OWP employs principles of design—light, color, pattern and texture– that enhance the home’s personality while providing balance and harmony. Most important, we offer an objective view of your home from a buyer’s perspective. In addition, we identify small issues that could impact the sale of your home. OWP will pay close attention to the advice the listing agent gives regarding current listing trends as well as performing outside research.

Over 81% of buyers find it “easier to visualize the property as their future home” when it’s staged.

~ National Association of Realtors

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