As the company name implies, Organizing With Passion was founded by Florence LaFrance on the premise of providing valued tasks with drive, energy and enthusiasm that clients often find energizing and contagious.

Let’s face it, life is complicated – with technology, information overload, and living in a society that encourages overindulgence and over-consumption. It seems like we just can’t win or, at least, that is the story we tell ourselves. And the feeling of being overwhelmed usually results in procrastination.

The good news is: organizing and decluttering can be therapeutic and freeing. Once you possess and put your organization skills into action, you will thrive on them. You can find more time for yourself, your family, your friends, and special interests. You’d be surprised at how your new-found freedom will change your life and the lives of those around you!

Service offerings:


  • Rightsizing for senior lifestyle change / move

  • Organizing to increase your home’s value

  • Assisting with estate inventory and clear-outs

  • Combining multiple households

  • Providing paperless solutions: photographic media, photo journals, electronic photo albums or cloud storage


  • Business productivity solutions

  • Space and workflow planning

  • Move management and space buildout

  • Process improvement

  • Project planning and oversight

  • Organizing and decluttering office space

  • Set up workflow / operational processes

  • Establishment of policies and procedures

  • Establishment of employee handbooks

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Benefits of Organizing & Decluttering:

  • Improved health – reduces stress and depression, and promotes mindfulness and better sleep; makes you ready for the curveball

  • Improved Relationships

  • More time for family, friends and me-time

  • Save money, gain money, find money

  • Sets a good example for your children/grandchildren

  • Greater productivity and improved work performance = greater income potential

Business Productivity

Are you looking to put systems and structure in place to bring your business to the next level? Is your client base is growing, and perhaps you are at the point of bringing on more employees or contractors? Having workflow, operational and policy/procedure systems already in place will not only make for a smooth transition but increase productivity.