Truth is there are clearly no known advantages to disorganization – other than perhaps the passive-aggressive thwarting of would-be-criminals breaking into your home to rob you. All kidding aside, you could be doing yourself a great disservice by remaining disorganized. Problems can range from personal health to financial instability. If you have ever frantically looked for something you misplaced, you can fully understand the level of stress involved in not finding that item. If it happens frequently enough, you can stay in a state of stress, which increases cortisol production, weight gain, blood pressure, headaches, depression, anxiety, and loss of sleep. In addition, if you misplace invoices, you could be paying unnecessarily interest and high late fees; and potentially ruin your credit in the process.

If the thought of bringing a Professional Organizer into your home makes you cringe, remember that professional organizers perform these tasks for the benefit of their clients. They do not pass judgement much like most professionals (i.e., doctor, lawyer, psychologist, etc.). In fact, most incorporate the Vegas Rule into their contract with you. In addition, a fully qualified professional organizer not only can help clear the clutter, but work with you to develop an organization system that parallels your specific needs. Methodologies for staying organized are not a one-size-fits-all solution, contrary to popular belief.

The first step you can take in reducing this type of stress is to recognize that your current lifestyle is causing you problems. Below are just 12 reasons why you need a professional organizer:

  1. Your dining room table, kitchen countertops, and any horizontal surface (think floors) have become a dumping ground for everything that comes into your home
  2. You are using a storage unit as a permanent solution to clutter and may even rent more than one unit
  3. You are hesitant (or downright resistant) to having guests in your home (and may be running out of space to stash things).
  4. You move household items frequently from place to place just to make room for everyday living
  5. You lose bills and important paperwork
  6. You run late for work or for a key event or meeting, because you are frantically searching for something you need… perhaps your keys or cell phone?
  7. You get physically and mentally exhausted just thinking about the clutter
  8. The clutter is causing domestic disputes
  9. You have had little or no success in getting or staying organized in the past
  10. The task of organizing is too overwhelming to you… all you keep thinking about is the magnitude of the job
  11. You don’t have time to get organized by yourself and could use a little help
  12. You find yourself saying often, “There are just not enough hours in the day to get it all done.”

Do any of these 12 items sound familiar? Can you think of other reasons why one might need an organizer (please share below)?

What will be your next step?

If you are thinking about employing an organizer, I will cover in my next post how you can find the most suitable organizer for you.

Until then, remember – time is not a sustainable resource. It is up to you to take control of how you use it.